Utrecht, a city for everyone

GroenLinks (GreenLeft) builds on a sustainable and socially responsible city where everyone can feel at home. We’re building a healthy city for the young and the old. A city for everyone, regardless of race, creed, colour, gender or sexual identity. A city that can include anyone even if they earn a little less or do not have a job at all. We’re building a city that takes responsibility for the generations to come, and does whatever it can do prevent climate change. GroenLinks wants to change the Netherlands. For years, GroenLinks has played a major role in local politics and has proven what this change can look like.

A Healthy Future

We’re the first generation to suffer the consequences of climate change and the last to call a halt to it. GroenLinks wants to create a sustainable future. This means recycling, preventing and re-using waste, better insulation of public and commercial buildings and homes, plus a focus on clean energy. That means solar panels on any roof and wind turbines in the open landscape and the transition from heating our homes with natural gas to all (sustainable) electric. With your help we’ll continue building a healthy city by investing in bike lanes, bike parking garages and other infrastructure. And that means less space for polluting cars (and more space for bikes, pedestrians and public transport). This how we'll change Utrecht into a healthy and sustainable city.


GroenLinks wants opportunities and prosperity to be shared equally. That is why we stand up for people who can use a helping hand, why we invest in fighting poverty and problematic debts. We want Utrecht citizens who need help to be approached from a position of trust. That means no mandatory volunteer work or financial penalties if you do not stick literally to all the rules while on government assistance. It means working together with people and looking for solutions together. This is how we want to change Utrecht into a city in which everyone can participate.

Affordable housing

GroenLinks fights for everyone to be able to live and find housing in Utrecht. That means affordable housing for students looking for a room, but also for the senior citizen who needs extra care and wants to continue self-sustained living in their own neighborhood. For the teacher who earns ever so slightly above the threshold to live in a subsidized rented home and for the family that has to live off of government assistance. Utrecht policy is not about big profits for developers and landlords, it is about safe, sustainable and comfortable homes for anyone. If the council doesn’t start regulating, rents will skyrocket. That is why the city's housing market has to change. Housing is not a market, housing is a right.

Change starts in Utrecht. With GroenLinks!